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Hi, welcome to the soccer wiki . Thank you for contributing to this wiki We are also having a Makeover for the new season . Please help out !

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Happy65 (Talk) 07:36, September 10, 2011

RE: Edit

An administrator took your admin rights off due to being inactive.

i won't be active here much User:Darth henry

Heya Edit

We will be staying here and editing but we will be joining Sportpedia what is a big gallery of sport wiki's on wikia. It has a hub . * ~Happy65 Talk My Amazing Blogs ! 06:10, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

Spotlight RequestEdit

Hi. Soccer Wiki looks like it is growing quickly. Unfortunately, nearly 2/3rds of the content pages appear to be very short, stub-length (less than 300 byte) pages; these would need to be expanded so that no more than about 60 (1/5th of the total content) are stub-length and/or marked as stubs. Unfortunately you no longer appear to be an admin at Soccer Wiki; however looking at the rights log it appears that the admin situation there is fairly unstable. In order to be spotlighted the wiki would need to be more stable. Please feel free to ask, or have one of the admins ask, again when the wiki can meet all of the spotlight criteria! -- Wendy (talk)@fandom 06:08, November 22, 2011 (UTC)


Sorry to tell you, but this wiki is 100% unable to be adopted, all 3 admin have been active within the last 2 months. If you would like to look at admin activeness, click here --Frederick (Talk) {Twitter}

Soccer News Edit

The title was false. I lied. I know I did. You have to hear me out. Please read what I said on the Alien Conquest wiki. People like you can make the wiki a better place. Berry Brick banned me for no reason. He has no screenshot. I wish he took some. He deleted what I said. He should've shown you. He didn't, he lied. Please hear me out Czech. I'm not lying to you this time. I'm telling the truth. Ask the people that were there. Ask 2013. Ask me.

TheRevengeoftheNugget (talk) 23:41, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

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