I was looking at Wikia community central when I saw that Tama63 came up with a new idea. It was for a report Idea so I looked into It . It seemed good as you could choose who you wanted to report It to. It would say you have new reports and would bring you to Special:UserReports . Then you could look into . Hopefully , later I can have chance to talk to Tama63. Im going to show you all the steps . * ~Happy65 Talk My Amazing Blogs ! 17:13, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

Chat With Tama63

@Happy65 | Question 1 : Do you think It would be easier for users since talk pages are mainly for other things ?

@Tama63 | Answer 1 : Yes , If wikia force the message page onto us.

@Happy65 | Question 2 : Would there be another way to report , like a button on their user page since their profile bar might be full up ?

@Tama63 | Answer 2 : I honestly cant say . I presume the text (not the button) would become 2 lines.

@Happy65 | Question 3 : Do you think it should be a Wikia Labs feature ?

@Tama63 | Answer 3 : I think it should be a wikia labs feature

@Happy65 | Question 4 : Dont you agree that lots of like your user page idea and this one ?

@Tama63 | Answer 4 : I try my best to please

This happened on the Tama63 Wiki Chat from 18:29 to 18:59 on the September 27th 2011.

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