Below here you will see transfer rumours what people have said will happen over the season .

Jose Enrique - Newcastle to Liverpool | This is likely to happen

Keith Southern - Blackpool to Leeds | This is likely to happen

Cristiano Ronaldo - R Madrid to Man City | This is unlikely to happen

Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal to FC Barcelona | This is quite likely to happen

Kaka - Real Madrid to Chelsea | This is unlikely to happen

Javier Hernandez - Man United to R Madrid | This is quite likely to happen

Alexis Sanchez - Udinese to Manchester City or United | This is quite likely to happen

Stuart Pearce rules out Jack Wilshere and Andy Carroll out of the England under 21 squad .

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich sacks manager Carlo Ancelotti .

___________________________________________ Champions League Final __________________

Manchester United V FC Barcelona

Key Men :

Barcelona = Lionel Messi

Man U = Javier Hernandez + Wayne Rooney

Man United V Barcelona is going to be a great final . It will be on May 28th 2011 so it is not long to go at all . My prediction will be FC Barcelona 2-1 Manchester United . Send Us Your prediction on comments and the closing time is 5pm on 28th May in Greenwich Mean Time ( UTC + 0 ) . I hope you enjoy it .

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