Hello , I am Happy65 . I have noticed lots of spam has been going on recently so I am going to who to report it to .


If there is any administrators online theese are the first choice people you should contact . The Admins get a right to block users . I am now going to list the administrators .

Happy65 . Very Active

Crazed Penguin . Very Active

Awesome335 . Partially Active


If there is no administrators online , you should contact a rollback . A rollback has a right to revert an edit . Rollbacks only have the one power , to revert an edit . I will now list a list of rollbacks . As you also may have noticed we only have one rollback and will be looking to increase the number .

Nobody . Please ask If you would like to become a rollback on an admin's talk page . Thanks .


A bureaucrat is a type of user . There is only one other difference about being a normal admin and being a bureaucrat and that is that bureaucrats can promote and demote other users . The bureaucrat right is the hardest right to get.

Happy65 . Very Active

Chat Moderator

A Chat Moderator is a kind of user that can ban people from chat so they cannot use it . If somebody is harrasing you on chat or making chat slow by going on and off again or doing anything bad , you should contact theese users. I am now going to list the Chat Moderators .

Happy65 . Very Active

Awesome335 . Partially Active

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