• Happy65


    October 30, 2011 by Happy65

    Hello , Im sorry to those people out there who were looking forward to the Message Wall what will soon be brang out by Wikia. We are not going to be using Message Wall's but will be using a system of are own called Mail. Each user will have their own Mailbox.

    Like Talk Pages and Message Wall's you will have a page where people can send you stuff. Instead of it saying in the bottom left corner You will have new transfer rumours , It will say You have new mail. We cant give you yoo much info on how It will work.

    30th October 2011 . 15:40 BST Construction Starts

    1st Novemeber 2011 . In BST All Talk Pages will have dissapeard after the day is finished.

    5th November 2011 . Everyhting will be finished

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  • Happy65

    Spanish Soccer Wiki!

    October 30, 2011 by Happy65

    We are making another soccer wiki in spanish. If you dont know the language spanish , you can stay on this wiki. We need some admins and bureaucrats there so get ready. See more stuff about the new wiki on this blog post.

    We need lots of admins and stuff on this wiki , If you know spanish , try editing there and you may be given a right.


    An administrador is a spanish right. In English it is known as an adminisrator . We need 2-5 of theese on the new spanish wiki.


    A Burocrata is also a spanish right . In English, the right is known as Bureaucrat. We need 1-3 of theese on the new spanish wiki.

    We will also have rollbacks , and ChatModerator (Chat en vivo Moderador)'s on the new spanish soccer wiki.

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  • Happy65

    As you may of heard , we are moving to a new wiki called Sportpedia . Happy65 will answer your questions on this blog . Just leave a comment of what your question is , then he will answer it .

    Q : Are we still on wikia ?

    A : Yes , we will have just have moved to a big gallery of wiki's called Sportpedia .

    Q : Is sportpedia well known ?

    A : No , but we are hopefully going to make it very well-known

    Q : Where will we be editing  ?

    A : No , we are still editing here but making it part of Sportpedia and will be listed at the Sportpedia hub.

    Thanks , Guys . If you have a question about Sportpedia be sure to leave a comment on it and I will answer it in the next 10-72 hours. Thanks , * ~Happy65 Talk My Amazing Blogs ! 18:34, October 22, 2011 (UTC) (Bureau…

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  • Happy65

    I was looking at Wikia community central when I saw that Tama63 came up with a new idea. It was for a report Idea so I looked into It . It seemed good as you could choose who you wanted to report It to. It would say you have new reports and would bring you to Special:UserReports . Then you could look into . Hopefully , later I can have chance to talk to Tama63. Im going to show you all the steps . 17:59, September 27, 2011 (UTC) This happened on the Tama63 Wiki Chat from 18:29 to 18:59 on the September 27th 2011.

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  • Happy65


    September 12, 2011 by Happy65

    Hello , I am Happy65 . I have noticed lots of spam has been going on recently so I am going to who to report it to .


    If there is any administrators online theese are the first choice people you should contact . The Admins get a right to block users . I am now going to list the administrators .

    Happy65 . Very Active

    Crazed Penguin . Very Active

    Awesome335 . Partially Active


    If there is no administrators online , you should contact a rollback . A rollback has a right to revert an edit . Rollbacks only have the one power , to revert an edit . I will now list a list of rollbacks . As you also may have noticed we only have one rollback and will be looking to increase the number .

    Nobody . Please ask If you would like to become a ro…

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