Welcome To List Administrators. Here you can see who the admins are. We have also got a graph further down the page where you can see all the information of admins. If you are an admin and not on the list , contact Happy65. If you were looking for a list of Rollbacks, click here. If you want to know what Admin powers or any other rights can do please click here.

KinaseD is also an admin but the Soccer Wiki is waiting for confirmation of the rights.

Admin User Name Activeness Date Joined Wiki Bureaucrat ChatModerator
Happy65 All Active August 16th 2010 Yes Yes
Awesome335 Not an admin any longer July 24th 2011 No Yes
Sdgsgfs Not an admin any longer September 10th 2011 No No
Crazed Penguin Not an admin any longer September 10th 2011 No No

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