Hello , This is the tutorial . If you are new you may want to read it .


You can help edit this wiki by clicking the edit button at the top of the page you want to edit .


You can get banned for doing spam on a wiki . Please do not do spam . A little spam will get 10 days banned and a big amount of spam could get you banned for 3 years .


You can also upload pictures and videos to do with soccer . Then you can put the videos and photos on the right page . To upload a picture or video look at the editing bar and there will be and upload button .


On this wiki you can put pictures on page . If you want you can put some on your user page . You can also make slideshows and galleries .


You can add a page to a category . To add the page to the category go to the bottom of the editing page and click add category .


If you need any questions ask Happy65 .


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